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DIY Conference & Workshop

Digital Manufacturing: Fab Lab Network 

Organizer: Fab Lab Panama/ America Expo Group

September 20th, 2018

 ATLAPA Convention Center


Expo F 2018, the International Trade Fair for Hardware & Tools, that will take place from 20 to 22 September at ATLAPA Convention Center in Panama, has organized a DIY workshop and the conference "Digital Manufacturing: Fab Lab Network ", which will be delivered by the heads of Fab Lab Panama, Matthew Hotsko (founder) and Montserrat Ciges (instructor).

Within the framework of Expo F 2018, the International Trade Fair for Hardware & Tools (20 - 22 September, Panama), Expo F and EcoStudio have formed a strategic partnership to organize a series of DIY activities.)

Matthew Hotsko  


He is a graduated from the International School of Panama, the United World College in Wales and University of Pennsylvania, who has worked as an architect and designer of efficient buildings in India and Panama. Hotsko organized a node in Panama to connect to the international network of resource centers such as Maker Spaces, Fab Labs and Hacker Spaces and in 2011 founded EcoStudio Association  to promote education and development of human resources by offering experiences in emerging technology, design thinking and science to the public. In 2016, they moved to the City of Knowledge in Panama, offering access to workshops and tools to make prototypes in wood, metal, fabrics, ceramics, jewelry and digital media.

"This is an inclusive project, which invites the participation of any institution that wishes to have the benefits of these technologies," Mr Hotsko says.

Montserrat Ciges


She is a graduated in Advertising and Public Relations and Fine Arts with a Master in Marketing Management from the FUNDESEM business School in Alicante. Ciges, who is from Spain, moved to Panama to become an instructor at Fab Academy, at the Fab Lab Ecostudio. Previously, she worked in Costa Rica as coordinator of Fab Lab Veritas, where she assumed the role of Innovation Manager. Since 2014, she has collaborated in the Fab Lab network, as coordinator of the Fab Lab Floating Amazonas. She is also co-founder of FabLat television channel that disseminates the Fab content in Latin America and co-founder of the FabCraft project for the development of digital handicrafts and the dissemination of cultural heritage through innovation.


This activity will be possible thanks the cooperation between:

Expo F 2018, the International Trade Fair for Hardware & Tools, organized by America Exopo Group, that will take place from 20 to 22 September at ATLAPA Convention Center in Panama

Fab Lab Panama at EcoStudio, an NGO that offers experiences in emerging technology, design thinking and science. Since 2017, EcoStudio takes part of the global network of manufacturing laboratories, established by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), to give access to quality tools to everybody in Panama.