$34 million Municipal Building Tender


Source: Centralamerica Data



Panama Government Purchase 2017-5-75-0-15-LV-002552:

"The new facilities will consist of 3 levels of parking lots. Above these parking lots two towers will be developed: Tower A, with 4 floors, will house the offices of the Municipal Palace and Tower B, with 10 floors, is where all public institutions in the province will be installed.

Both towers will be united by a square in which they will be able to carry out public activities.

Towards the Las Americas Avenue, a two-level shopping plaza with a total of 60 stores is planned.  This square shares parking lots with office towers and at the last level an extension of the public square is being developed, adding a total of 6,500 square meters of space in which free fairs, folkloric activities, public exhibitions, etc can take place."

Reference value:  $34.308.000 

The deadline for receipt of bids is November 16, 2017.