$61 million to be Invested in Real Estate Development


Source: Centralamerica Data




Data from the Interactive System "Construction in Central America", compiled by the Business Intelligence Unit at CentralAmericaData, indicates that in June Inmobiliaria Panamá Bella S.A. submitted an Environmental Impact Study (EIA) to the Ministry of the Environment.

According to the EIA, the company will develop a complex combining residential use with commercial use consisting of six residential buildings. Tower 1, Tower 2 and Tower 3 will have 12 blocks with eight apartments per block. Tower 4, Tower 5 and Tower 6 will have 24 blocks with eight apartments per block and a commercial building with three levels and fifteen premises per level approximately.

A total of 864 housing units or apartments are planned, as well as each tower having parking spaces in three levels of semi-basements, a large green area and recreation area, access roads and a security guard house.

The development will be located in the Town of Rufina Alfaro, San Miguelito District, Province of Panama, and according to the document an investment of $61.3 million is estimated.