More Chinese Furniture in Central America


Source: Centralamerica Data


Figures from the information system on the Market for Home and Office Furniture in Central America, compiled by the Business Intelligence Unit at CentralAmericaData:

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Main importers 
Among the main importers are Jamar, Walmart, Ferretería EPA, Omnisport, Pricesmart, Ferreterías Ace, Tova, Almacenes Simán, Fursys and Furniture City, which collectively make up approximately 10% of regional imports.

Variation of regional imports 
Between 2015 and 2016 imports of home and office furniture in Central America did not change, since during the years in question the region bought $402 million worth of furniture.

The value imported from China increased by 4%, growing from $88 million in 2015 to $91 million in 2016.

Imports by country 
In 2016 the main importer in Central America were Panama with $127 million, followed by Costa Rica with $92 million, Guatemala with $60 million, Honduras with $45 million, Nicaragua with $43 million and El Salvador with $37 million. 

Origin of imports 
In 2016, 23% of the value imported from Central America came from China, 22% from the USA, 4% from Colombia and 4% from Italy.