NT Panamá / NT Centroamérica – Welcome to booth No. B13a


Company name: NT Panamá / NT Centroamérica


Country: Panama

Company description: our company has been running in the Panamanian market for more than 15 years, we also hold operations in Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and USA. All the products we manufacture meet all quality, and technical standards.    

Our brands are registered as “SUPERIOR ROPES”, and hold industrial property certification No. 23 14 50, 22 international type.

Our excellent value for money and high quality products allow us to be a leading company in Panama and the others countries we operate in.

Our slogan “TIE YOURSELF UP WITH QUALITY” (AMÁRRESE A LA CALIDAD) is synonym of our customers´ trust, and involves high quality, seriousness, support, and service philosophy.    


Major products: slings, ropes, chains, lifting systems.

Targeted visitors: hardware, agricultural and veterinary market, retail stores, chains and stores, industry, logistics, transport, construction, government institutional procurement.

Booth No: B 13a


Website: www.ntcentroamerica.com


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