Tender: Road Renovation for $37 million


Source: Centralamerica Data




Panama Government Purchase 2017-0-09-0-02-LV-005094:
"The objective of the act to select Contractors is to renovate 60.68 kilometers of roads consisting of, but not limited to: Design and / or construction of the aforementioned roads, including the renovation and construction of surface drainage systems such as canals and / or ditches, construction of crossings of ravines, rivers or waterways, installation of sub drains, placement of horizontal and vertical signage, construction of sidewalks, removal and relocation of public utilities, any environmental mitigation measures found contained in the corresponding Environmental Impact Assessment study.
However, the Bidding Entity may detect tasks whilst carrying out work in the field, which have not been defined in the terms of reference and the plans, which would ensure the connectivity and integrality of the road networks and/or for accessibility to basic services."
Reference value: $37.016.488 
The deadline for receipt of bids is August 30, 2017.