Momentum to do business in Latin America & Caribbean


Press Release #2

Expo F 2017 February 8, 2017

ATLAPA Convention Center

Panama City, Panama

24 – 26 October, 2017

Momentum to do business in Latin America & Caribbean 

The steady growth of Construction, Automotive maintenance, and Aviation MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) sectors in Latin America & Caribbean are enormously propelling the demand of Building Hardware, Tools, Fasteners and Metalworking industries in the region. Moreover, a positive economic growth expected in the region for the coming years, vigorous domestic demand, and improvement of private consumption are evidence of strong momentum for doing business in the region.   

Public investments in some Latin American countries, particularly in infrastructure, and private construction spending are driving construction industry, and therefore boosting building hardware & tools industry development in Latin America & Caribbean. According to IHS Economics Global, the Construction Market Worth is expected to reach $ 10.3 trillion in 2020. The compound annual growth rate of construction in Latin American countries is expected to be higher than the global average rate. Along with the booming of construction, home improvement and gardening supplies retailers market is growing stably in the region.

Looking at other sectors, Latin America aviation growth raises maintenance capabilities to airlines. This creates opportunities for MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) providers. According to the Boeing 2008 - 2027 Market Outlook report, over the next 20 years, Latin America MRO market share will reach 140 billion US dollars.

The region is also expected to be one of the largest opportunities for automotive repair and maintenance services market. By 2020, it is expected to account for 5.4% of the global share of the automotive repair and maintenance services market according to Statista.

Under this context, Expo F provides to Building Hardware, Tools, Fasteners & Metalworking industry representatives an excellent platform to feature their brand, gain more exposure for their products, and start or increase their business in this emerging market. On the other hand, visitors will have the occasion to know more about hardware / metalworking cutting-edge products, find out new suppliers / customers, share ideas and best practices in this industry.

The event will be taking place in Panama, a country which has been one of the fastest growing economies worldwide, and one of the most important trade hub in the region with Colon Free Zone, Panama Canal’s expansion, and investments on growth-leading sectors such as transport and logistic. 

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Expo F is an international trade fair for hardware, tools, fasteners and metalworking, organized by America Expo Group (AEG), whose business is specialized in emerging market, mainly in Panama at present. Thanks to the geographic advantages of Panama, AEG will launch more trade-oriented events in various industries by combining its regional sources with the global network. The event will take place on 24 - 26 October, 2017 at ATLAPA Convention Center in Panama. For more information, please visit or email

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