Why visit Panama? Expo F 2018 gives you 10 reasons… (at least)


In recent years, Panama has become one of the favorite places in the world for the so-called "MICE tourism" (acronym for tourism of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events). In 2017 Panama received 2,517,496 visitors, representing an increase of 5.8% over the previous year.

If you have not visited Panama yet, Expo F 2018, the International Trade Fair for Hardware & Tools, (September 20-22) gives you with 10 reasons (at least) to visit Panama:

1. Commercial contacts: a regional Hub

Thanks to its strategic location, Panama is known as "Bridge of the World and Heart of the Universe". It is located on an isthmus that unites Central America and South America. It is surrounded to the North by the Caribbean Sea and to the South by the Pacific Ocean. It limits to the East with Colombia and to the West with Costa Rica. By sea, the Panama Canal serves 144 maritime routes connecting 160 countries and by air, has more than 1,100 weekly international flights!

2. Panama Canal: a colossal engineering work

Traveling to Panama and not visiting the Panama Canal is like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower. It is worth visiting this colossal engineering work. The Canal was officially inaugurated in 1914, when the ship "Ancón" transited the Panama Canal and it was under the jurisdiction of the USA until 1999.

3. Biodiversity: the land of fishes and butterflies

Panama is much more than a canal ... Because of its geographical position, Panama is a resting point on the route of numerous species of migratory birds. It is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. It is believed that the name "Panama" meant "abundance of fish and butterflies". Some must-see places are: the Metropolitan Natural Park, Camino de Cruces, Cerro Ancón and the Chagres National Parks, Soberania or Gamboa Area.

4. Amenities: infrastructures and hotel offer

Along with the excellent connectivity by sea and air with America and Europe, the wide range of hotels encourages more and more people to choose Panama as a destination, whether for leisure or business.

5. Sun and beaches and starfishes

Isla Iguala (Fotografía de Randy Navarro B)

Wooden cabins, reefs ... it is extremely difficult not fall in love with Panamanian beaches like Bocas del Toro and its white-sand beach Isla Zapatilla or the Starfishes beach. Some of the other best spots are: Islas Perro and Pelícano in San Blas; the largest coral reefs of the Pacific Ocean in the Gulf of Chiriqui, on Coiba Island; Angosta Beach in Colón; Isla Grande, in Portobelo National Park and Gorgona Beach.

6. Nature and jungle

The mountain in Boquete or the Village of Santa Fé together offer nature, fauna and pure air. The jungle in the Darien region serves as a natural border between Central America and South America.

7. Architecture

(Fotografía de Editorpana)

In Panama City, it is possible to contemplate a 16th century building standing near a modern glass tower. The harmonious combination of its elegant French and Spanish-style old town that was declared a World Heritage Site in 1997 and the outstanding skyscrapers located in front of the Pacific on Avenida Balboa, Costa del Este and Punta Pacifica. One of the most iconic buildings in Panama is the Biomuseo, designed by the famous Canadian architect Frank Gehry, creator of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

8.      Diversity  of cultures

(Fotografía de Ayaita)

But overall Panama is people… and mix! It enjoys a rich culture that combines Amerindian, Spanish, African, American traditions. In addition, several indigenous populations preserve their traditions in semiautonomous governed regions such as the Kuna Yala, in the San Blas region or the Ngabe-Buglé. The mix is evident in cuisine, music, culture, traditions and festivities.

9.      Shopping in the Colon Free Zone

Visiting Panama means also shopping in the second largest free area in the world: the Colon Free Zone with unbeatable prices throughout the region.

10.  Expo F, the International Trade Fair for Hardware & Tools

And of course… Expo F, the International Trade Fair for Hardware & Tools, will be held between September 20-22 gathering together more than 150 leading brands from more than 15 countries, business opportunities, contacts, talks, workshops and conferences.

Do you need more reasons to visit Panama? Visit Expo F 2018, the International Trade Fair for Hardware & Tools (September 20-22) and discover the wonderful land of fishes and butterflies.

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