Hardware Stores: Business in Central America


Analysis by the Business Intelligence Unit at CentralAmericaData yields interesting results about hardware stores function and where they are located in Central American countries.

From Guatemala to Panama, there are just over 4 thousand establishments dedicated to selling hardware products, of which almost 25% are concentrated in Costa Rica, followed by Guatemala, where about 20% of the hardware stores in the study are located. 

About 14% of hardware stores identified in the region are located in Panama, mainly in the province of Panama, where around 200 establishments operate, and in West Panama, where there are about one hundred hardware stores in operation. 

When analyzing the number of establishments by brand in the entire region, it can be seen that 15 companies, most of which are present in all countries, account for close to 10% of the hardware stores that operate from Guatemala to Panama.  

In Costa Rica, the companies El Colono and El Lagar have the largest number of points of sale in the country. 

In El Salvador, for example, the hardware brands that have the most points of sale are ConstruFreund, Galvanissa, Lemus and Vidri Stores.   

In Guatemala, on the other hand, there is a greater diversity of brands than in other countries, and therefore, a lower concentration at the national level. Throughout the territory there are around 800 hardware stores.  

CentralAmerica Data has a geolocation and identification system for analyzing commercial establishments throughout Central America. The tool allows points of sale to be identified and characterized by geographical areas of influence in each of the locations.  

For the development of this analysis only establishments retailing hardware items were taken into account.