Good Figures for the Hardware Sector


Explained by the increase in construction in recent years, in Honduras the union of the hardware sector predicts growth of around 7% in 2018.

Although the figures are optimistic, entrepreneurs in the hardware sector believe that the level of growth is still below neighboring countries such as Costa Rica and Panama.

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Omar Monterroso, president of the Association of Ironmongers of Honduras, explained to that " ... in order to make the sector grow more, the approval of more building permits is needed, although at the moment there are several projects under development that are strengthening sales. "He added that " ... we must work on improving the distribution network, as that is how transport cost decrease, which in turn would help us to have better efficiency, reliability and profitability."
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For his part, Mario Soto, vice president of the Northwest Board of Directors of the Chamber of Construction Industry (Chico), supported the projections for the sector by explaining that " ... taking as reference the fact that the construction industry has been growing in the last two years by between 5% and 6%, it is possible that estimates of a growth of more than 7% in the hardware sector are possible."