Hardware, Home and Garden stores are growing in Latin America


Construction and home improvement growth in Latin America is creating new demands of hardware, tools and gardening products. The number stores is increasing, and the retails sales in the sector have went up during the last years.

In Central American countries, and particularly in Costa Rica for instance, the total number of hardware stores increased from 3,913 in 2013 to about 4,400 at the end of 2015. The same tendency can be seen in other countries like in Nicaragua where hardware stores reported a 12% rise in sales in 2016 according to Central America Data Business Information.

Home improvement and gardening stores are developing rapidly in South American countries. Renovations, new housing decor, design of green spaces, and the trend of decorating personalized spaces have boosted sales in these sectors during the last year in countries as Colombia, Brazil and Chile.

In the light of the increasing demand for hardware, home and garden products, the incursion of international brands in this emerging market is expected to go up according to Euromonitor International.