El Salvador Construction Could Recover in 2018


Source: Centralamerica Data

Construction entrepreneurs estimate that the execution of around 160 projects could generate 3% growth this year.

In 2014 and 2015 statistics produced by the builders' association registered drops of 11% and 2% respectively, but this year the situation could change, as they foresee that the execution of 160 public and private projects will generate a growth of up to 3% in activity.


Regarding the political situation in 2018, the president of the Salvadoran Chamber of Construction, Ángel Díaz, told Elsalvador.com that " ... the elections for mayors and deputies will not have a negative affect."


In that same sense he assured that " ... 'The economic dynamics of the country can not stop, we can not afford to stop and we do not perceive that elections will have an influence in a negative way'. "