Colon Free Zone Seeks Business in South America


Source: Centralamerica Data

As a new attempt to recover some of the activity lost in recent years, companies in the Colon Free Zone intend to approach importers in Peru.


For the Colon Free Zone the South American country is attractive, since it is an importer of equipment, machinery and accessories for the production of machinery.  It is also a buyer of international brand clothing and raw and bleached fabrics. 


Usha Mayani, president of the Association of Users of the Colon Free Zone told that "... Peru is a country that is economically quite well, unlike Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia ... it is a more stable country".


The president of the Panama Maritime Chamber, Rommel Troetsch, confirmed that "...Peru is an interesting destination because it is one of the fastest growing countries on the Pacific coast.  It is a country that has been highlighted in recent times because of an increase in its exports and also in its imports."