Panama $62 million for Tourism Works


Source: centralamerica data

The Ministry of Environment has announced that using IADB funds, the infrastructure of four protected areas in the provinces of Veraguas, Colón and Chiriquí will be renovated.

According to the Environment Minister, Emilio Sempris, most of the funds will be invested in the Coiba de Veraguas National Park, which will be allocated about $27 million for the "construction and renovation of visitor sites, trails and the site's administrative centers."


The Parks Portobelo and Bosque Protector de San Lorenzo, both in the province of Colón, will be allocated approximately $21 million for the "construction of docks, renovation of sites, visit centers, among other works." Other approved funds totaling the $62 million will be used in buildings in the Volcán Barú park in Chiriquí and in other complementary works in the other protected areas. reports that "...These investments are aimed at attracting new markets and facilitating the creation of circuits to extend tourist's length of stay."