Expo F, International Trade Fair for Hardware & Tools, made a successful debut in Panama


Expo F, International Trade Show for Hardware, Tools, Fasteners & Metalworking in Latin America & the Caribbean, has successfully held its first edition from 24 to 26 October, 2017 at ATLAPA Convention Center, Panama. The industry has acclaimed the event, and confirmed its support for the coming editions.

Covering over 4,000 sq.m, Expo F 2017 displayed more than 200 brands from 11 countries/regions: China, Costa Rica, France, India, Italy, Mexico, Panama, United Kingdom, United States, Taiwan and Turkey. A wide range of exhibits including innovative products and cutting edge technologies on hardware, tools, fasteners & metalworking categories were showcased by international and local exhibitors who praised the event.

Mr. Diego Rojas, District Manager at Fastenal Panama said: “It is quite an interesting trade show which allows manufacturers and distributors to display a range of products and services we offer. It is a pretty large and good space to get to know a little more about the market”.

Mr. José Blandin, Sales Director - Central America & the Caribbean at Ford Tools stated: “I think it is a good platform. In our particular case we do believe this is one of the best. We were waiting for this kind of initiative and want to make the most of this opportunity. We do not doubt Expo F can be a great tool to expose our brand”.

“I found the market very interesting [Latin American hardware market], a lot of opportunities. Of course, I have competitors so we have to do different things. But our products are very superior quality. Therefore, we have to earn the market with some strategies”, commented Mr. Kenneth Codeluppi, President & CEO of Damtite Waterproofing.

International visitors have spoken highly of the show too. Mr. Antonio Valls, Spanish renowned expert on hardware industry commented: “The industry deserved and needed this kind of event. Panama has a fast growing hardware industry; and I believe all Panamanians ironmongers will recognize the great job you have done”. “The venue is emblematic, leading brands participating, I congratulate you for this excellent work”.

The 3 days show welcomed 1,178 professional visitors from 16 countries, mainly from Latin America and the Caribbean: Barbados, Chili, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominic Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. Most of them praised the exhibition organization along with the Industry Conference held onsite simultaneously.

Nelly Teixeira from Komcalidad Multiservicios S.A. – Panama said: “We are quite satisfied because we have seen some technology innovations on the product line we manage, and cutting edge technology. We even have taken an interest in new product lines which can be added to our service portfolio. The Industry Conference was excellent”.

Jacob Flores, President of ANFHER (Mexican Association of Tools and Hardware manufacturers) added: “In regard to the Industry Conference, I found it really good, it was on target, and in general, I think it is on the right track”.

Following a fruitful opening, Expo F has already started preparing 2018 edition which will bring more side events for both exhibitors and visitors. Dates and more details will be released shortly.

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Expo F is an international trade fair for hardware, tools, fasteners and metalworking, organized by America Expo Group (AEG), whose business is specialized in emerging market, mainly in Panama at present. Thanks to the geographic advantages of Panama, AEG will launch more trade-oriented events in various industries by combining its regional sources with the global network. For more information about Expo F 2018, please visit www.expo-f.com or email info@america-expo.com.


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