The Academia will be represented by Columbus University at Expo F Panama


The prestigious educational institution Columbus University will be present at Expo F´s inauguration. The international trade fair for hardware, tools, fasteners & metalworking will be held from 24 to 26 October at ATLAPA Convention Center. The higher education institution has joined now Expo F’s strategic partners club.


Columbus University was founded on October 12, 1992 “aiming to offer a bilingual higher education which has become a must in the current world and globalized century. It offers relevant careers to meet the professional market demands, and in relation with latest advances in science and technology”. Among its faculties, it is worth highlighting the Faculty of Architecture, and the Faculty of Management, Economics and Commerce, etc.


The new partnership with the Columbus University reflects Expo F’s interest in integrating the Academy into the trade fair. The objective being to articulate the pair academy/industry to foster technology development, and progress in construction and related industries in the region.


Columbus University’s participants will take part in the interesting Industry Conference which will gather professionals and representatives of the hardware, tools and related industries coming from Argentina, Mexico, Panama and Spain. This concurrent event will serve as an ideal space to bring together academic reflection and industrial applications.


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Expo F is an international trade fair for hardware, tools, fasteners and metalworking, organized by America Expo Group (AEG), whose business is specialized in emerging market, mainly in Panama at present. Thanks to the geographic advantages of Panama, AEG will launch more trade-oriented events in various industries by combining its regional sources with the global network. The event will take place on 24 - 26 October, 2017 at ATLAPA Convention Center in Panama. For more information, please visit or email

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