OCI Americas, Inc – Visit us booth No. A 19



Company name: OCI Americas, Inc


Country: USA & Americas


Company description: OCI Americas, Inc “The chemistry which joins us”! is an USA company located in Miami, Florida devoted to the manufacturing and supply of highest quality adhesives and sealers produced in USA, Europe and Asia/Pacific. All of our products are affordable, competitive and guaranteed.


Products / Brands to be showcased: we offer a wide range of products for construction industry, hardware stores, glass/aluminum sector, automotive industry, commercial and maritime sectors.

Our products: Cyanoacrylate (instantaneous), silicones (blisters and cartridges), mousse and urethane adhesives, epoxide, adhesive for PVC & CPVC pipes, adhesives anchors, Thread Lockers, spray paints, high temperature, chrome and fluorescent paints. To sum-up, all kind of products requested by hardware and reparation stores´ customers.


Targeted visitors: importers and distributers/wholesalers willing and with resources and ability to cover all the country.

Stand No: A 19


Website: www.ociamericas.com


Featured products: